Building the first non-profit social enterprise ecosystem, the UtopicsSocial ecosystem


UtopicsSocial is a business project that aims to build an non-profit ecosystem of social enterprises in stable equilibrium with the region.
Convivalis, specialized in the housing sector, is the first regional project launched to address a social challenge that will be complemented by other companies that will improve the range of services to the sharing communities.
In addition to the social entrepreneurs and partners, UtopicsSocial has a Council with advisors committed to the UtopicsSocial project.


Glòria Palomar,

Manager at Gestió Fundació Parc Taulí

Ramón Maspons,

Manager of Innovation at AQuAS (Health Dept.)

Víctor Rodenas,

Financial Advisor at Barcelona Activa

Àngel De Miguel,

Partner Lawyer at DP Grup Consultors


Manel Pretel,

Co-founder and CEO UtopicsSocial and Convivalis

Xavier Majoral,

Co-founder UtopicsSocial


Mercè Majoral,
majoral·tissino, architects
Andrea Tissino,

majoral·tissino, architects